Sep 16, 2015

How to design and actually create custom tshirts!

So I've felt for a while now that I should create some sort of gift packet for my clients. partly to thank them for working with me and partly to further advertise my design and illustration chops to the world.

Aug 8, 2015

Experimental Renders

Just a little challenge/ test of my own, the goal was to create a pleasing rendering of water. I have wanted to use liquid elements for client work for quite a while now, I've just never had the time to properly delve into the relevant techniques and concepts.
cinema 4d render of water and clay texture highly detailed

Aug 2, 2015

Fresh Start

The first of many post discussing musing about the photography and design industry and life at large. Hopefully this will also help me organize and structure my thoughts in a more coherent manner, which in turn will help me create more!
 ferris wheel